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The cuisine of Pan y Vino is, in essence that of Patrick.

Our cuisine is based around fresh seasonal produce, well thought through and undertaken with a lot of affection. With a principal foundation in contemporary French cuisine, combined perfectly with Mediterranean cuisine and an influence from other areas. All making the experience an authentic pleasure difficult to forget.

We could describe the cuisine as generous, ornate and attractive as well as resulting sincere and transparent. As some of our customers say “This is art”. Every day Patrick thinks of new proposals so that all different types of dishes are included in the menu, thus enriching it. Some dishes offer a delicate French touch, others are more daring and others have a clear Menorcan influence… Definitely, Patrick offers for its conception and elaboration all his attention and “savoir faire”, from the initial ingredient selection through to the final moment, the staging of the dish when finally it reaches the diner.

muestra platos


Of course great cuisine deserves great wine. At the restaurant Pan y Vino, year after year we try and become familiar with new wines, gaining experience and finding new combinations. The wine world is difficult, but also passionate. We have been guided by wine makers and great wine lovers to allow us to present with great satisfaction an extensive, well balanced, and varied wine list, from all over the country. Our catalogue offers something for all palates, with diverse textures and sensations, as well as offering adequate prices for your pocket, thus making our wine cellar a great partner to a very special cuisine.

We offer a great number of wines from each of the normal families such as, caves, wines, roses, and reds. We also have a selection of magnum, and small bottles and finally of course a maintained offering of wines from our island. Also, in acknowledgment to the French influence to Patrick’s cuisine, we offer a great selection of French wines and Champagnes that we are sure will delight our diners.

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The restaurant Pan y Vino is in an old farmhouse situated on the outskirts of San Luis, the Torrent homestead. The house has great character; it’s around 200 years old and has been a restaurant for over 30 years. Patrick and Noelia have been the owners since June 2008. There are two very distinct ambiences: On one hand there is the terrace, the pergola and the chill out lounge which are spectacular in the summer. On the other there is the house which is warm and cozy in the winter, as only an old and well looked after house could be.

It also has parking facilities, which is an advantage especially in the summer.

This is definitely a restaurant with a unique charm that you must visit.


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Camí de la Coixa, 3 - Torret - Sant Lluis - Menorca
Tel. reservations 971 15 02 01

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