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Patrick’s cuisine

The cuisine at Pan y Vino is, in essence, Patrick’s cuisine. Every year, Patrick thinks up and creates new dishes with which to surprise our guests. A menu that is the result of his “savoir-faire”, of the dedication of all his efforts to conceive of and prepare new proposals. His imagination manages to fit in all kinds of dishes in our menu, enriching it.

Our cuisine is designed and prepared with care and affection, in the hope of presenting on the table the best we have to offer. This is a cuisine where we try to combine the foundations of modern French cuisine with Mediterranean cuisine and influences from different areas, the result of our visits to other places.

Our restaurant is in Menorca, but Patrick’s roots and his country of birth, France, show through in his dishes: some offer delicate French hints, others are surprising and more daring, and others, of course, have a clear Menorcan influence.

Patrick en Pan y Vino
Plato de Pan y Vino

Seasonal products

The cuisine at Pan y Vino is based on fresh seasonal products. We make sure we use local produce that we purchase directly from the farmhouses around us. We regularly change the normal and the à la carte menu to adapt them to year’s season and to the products available on the market at each moment.

Patrick’s work and his dedication go from the initial choice of these ingredients to the design of the plating, done with great care.

If we had to describe the cuisine we offer in our Pan y Vino restaurant, we could say that it is a generous, colourful and attractive cuisine, in addition to sincere and transparent. As some customers say: “This is art”.

Every year, Patrick designs a special tasting menu dedicated to a region of his country of origin.

In addition, he also prepares the standard menu which we change four times a year and the à la carte menu which varies every 15 days.

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