meet the team

Patrick James

Chef certified by the “École d’Hôtellerie de Granville” (France)

I consider myself a chef who is passionate about my profession, about travelling and culinary and gastronomic traditions.

Mauritius, Guernsey, London, Morocco, the Netherlands and Denmark are some of my latest visits. I’ve learned something in each of one of these fantastic places. Upon my return to Menorca I try to imprint the experiences and faraway flavours on each one of my dishes, in an attempt to transmit their influence. I always choose top quality, fresh, mostly local products, from our payeses (local farmers), of course also taking into account my French roots.

All these journeys would not be the same without the great French chefs and friends I have met and with whom I have exchanged ideas, shared different points of view…

The result of all this is Pan y Vino. I await you!

Noelia Zardoya

Diploma in Hotel Management by the “Escola d’ Hosteleria de Catalunya” (Barcelona)

I’m Patrick’s fellow traveller. Together we have visited so many places that have left a deep impression due to their beauty and what we learned there.

We like to learn new, surprising things; we try to train with the best, to capture every detail.

We then apply all of this in our restaurant. At Pan y Vino you can find our “savoir-faire”, our simplicity, our devotion to friendly service and to the customer.

We are both trained in catering because that’s what we chose for our future, what we like to do and what we are passionate about. We want to take good care of the customer, while also taking good care of each other.

We make a great team: Patrick in the kitchen and me in the front of house.

Patrick y Noelia

Our fellow travellers are the team at Pan y Vino.

They support us in this adventure and we are proud to work with them.

If you would like to work with us, send us your CV so we can get to know you

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